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Incidents of gun violence in America so far this year

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  1. The family of a shooting range instructor killed by a child with an Uzi has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Charles Vacca, 39, was shot in the head when a 9-year-old girl lost control of a submachine gun at a range in White Hills, Arizona, two years ago. His widow, children, ex-wife, and mother are seeking compensatory damages. A video of the incident, in which Vacca instructs the girl to "go full auto," went viral.

  2. Pennsylvania police charged 14-year-old Hunter Riley Reeser with Tuesday morning's fatal shooting of his 60-year-old grandmother in Harborcreek Township. The victim, Sandra Orton, was found dead with a single headshot from a .22-caliber rifle in a vehicle outside her home. Police didn’t offer a motive but said the shooting could have stemmed from an argument and that Reeser was having disciplinary problems. Reeser was charged as an adult with homicide, assault, and weapons charges.

  3. Canada has asked U.S. tourists to leave their guns at home. The country's Border Services Agency said in a statement on Monday that guns cannot be imported "for personal protection, or protection of property." The agency said it has seized 413 guns at the border so far this year. In two separate instances last week, Texas retirees were and denied entry after trying to bring firearms into New Brunswick. Their guns were destroyed.

  4. An online petition that launched Monday calls on the Department of Justice to investigate how a 15-year-old Pennsylvania boy was fatally shot this month. Police labeled the death of Ibram Hanna an accident, saying he was looking at a pistol that another teenager had stolen from a vehicle when it fired. But a local news organization is petitioning for a federal investigation, calling the shooting a murder and criticizing police.

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